Tenebris (emptymirror) wrote,

Truly, everything I have touched this past week has tried to let me know that various minor components of the universe are on the lookout for me to flirt with that old teasing concept of "getting ahead": let alone that actual real possibility of finally managing to break even again, possibly even by the end of the year, through the efforts of my own pen. The non-traditional employment had begun to provide small hints that maybe, just maybe, I had finally managed to find a fit that contemporary structure does not allow for (in large part because contemporary structure has a vested interest in remaining as it is, and I have a constant interest in how it could be made better).

And now? Well, first I try to figure out what happened: and in a way I hope it is not simply that elements combined to make the project too successful, too quickly, for this is distrusted in today's world ... and yet I suspect this is exactly what did happen through September/October. Then, after the weekend, explanation, and appeal.

Hope that for once, simple truth is taken at its face value.
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